The music therapist training and all individual courses are in German.

As a distance learning school, the Online School offers you training to become a music therapist, as well as various opportunities for continuing education and training, and many tools for your practice:

    Are you looking for ways to expand your musicality and use it therapeutically?
    Do you work in a nursing context, with children, adolescents, adults or seniors and would like to have more music in your "everyday nursing life"?
    Do you notice the beneficial and nurturing effect of music on children and would you like to support, encourage and accompany them in school or daycare through music?
    Are you already working in a therapeutic profession and looking for complementary, effective methods?

The online school is divided into two sections:

Diagram Training

The profession of music therapist can be learned through training or further education as well as through study.
The entrance requirements for the training are not regulated by law in Germany and are determined individually by the schools or training providers.

You can find the content and further information on the training of music therapists at our school in the course list in the course "Training as a music therapist".

For the advanced training we offer a modular system. Here you have the free choice to book the courses that are relevant for you. (We will be happy to advise you on this).

The courses offered by the school include:

    Introduction to music therapy
    Courses for music therapy with children
    Music therapy with seniors
    Music therapy for various medical conditions
    Courses for the practical design of music therapy lessons
    Collections of materials and lesson outlines
    Many tools and examples for practice
    Online workshop piano for song accompaniment and improvisation
    Courses for practice foundation and financing
    Basics of practical psychology
    Introduction to psychological practice
    Case discussions

The teaching concept of the Online School for Music Therapy & Tools: Studenten lernen

Through different media, the individual topics are presented in an interesting and varied way. Compressed to the essentials, the courses help you to quickly put the acquired knowledge into practice. You can access the courses via a computer, tablet or cell phone.

The courses are designed as self-study. This means you can start at any time and study at your own pace and according to your possibilities, with free time management.
With a study time of approximately 4-6 hours a week, you can complete the entire course in 12-18 months.

In each course, you will first find an overview of the topic. Behind this is a "Lesson" button, here you will be guided through the topic in individual steps. In this further information and contents are inserted.

At the end of the lesson you go back to the overview of the topic, at the end of which you will find the "Control questions" button. Here you can check your acquired knowledge and then submit the processed questions to us. After you submit the control questions of all lessons of the course to us, we will send you a certificate of attendance.

Certification Continuing Education:

For each instructional course, you can earn a certificate to prove your qualification. This requires an online final exam, which we charge €60 each.

Certification Training:

The training is divided into six modules, at the end of each of which there is an online exam. After you have successfully passed all online exams, you will receive a certificate from the Online School for Music Therapy & Tools. The costs for the certificate are included in the training costs.
You can use the acquired qualification in Germany by name and e.g. in independent work, own practice or in employment in clinics, medical, nursing, pedagogical, rehabilitative, sports, educational, social institutions.

Through the forum, you have the opportunity to contact the speaker, or other participants, for example, to ask questions or exchange ideas.

In addition, you also have the option of booking individual online teaching units to accompany your studies.

These teaching units can include the following:

    Reflection and consolidation of the course content
    Clarification of questions
    Case discussions

Appointments for this can be arranged with us by e-mail.

TastaturEnrollment for the courses:

To enroll in the school, please fill out the contact form. At the top of the form, you can select the course(s) you would like to enroll in. After that you will receive an invoice for the course fees. After the payment is received on our account, you will be sent your access data to the online school, and the booked courses will be activated for you.

If you wish, you can also book an appointment for a free initial online meeting, to get to know each other, for consultation and to clarify any questions you may have (see course list).

Are you interested in the online training or the Fort-u. further training courses, or if you simply have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.